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The East Asia specialization includes study of China, Japan, Korea, and parts of Northeast Asia. In some cases students will also want to research Vietnam, Mongolia or Tibet. The East Asia faculty very strongly encourages sustained study of at least one relevant Asian language. Because of our extensive course offerings, students are able to concentrate upon either modern or traditional East Asia, and to do advanced study in the disciplines of their choice.

  • Chinese Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Korean Studies

    East Asia concentration



    East Asia Faculty

    Sarah Allan (DAMELL)
    Susan Blader (DAMELL)
    Yanxin Bu (DAMELL)
    Pamela Crossley (History)
    James Dorsey (DAMELL)
    David Ehrlich (Film and Media Studies)
    Steven Ericson (History)
    Allen Hockley (Art History)
    Yusaku Horiuchi (Government)
    Mayumi Ishida (DAMELL)
    Sung Lim Kim (AMES, Art History)
    Alan Li (DAMELL)
    Jennifer Lind (Government)
    Hua-yuan Li Mowry (DAMELL)
    Gil Raz (Religion)
    James Stanford (Linguistics)
    Soyoung Suh (AMES, History)
    Dennis Washburn (AMES/Comparative Literature/Film & Media Studies)
    Ikuko Watanabe (DAMELL)
    Wen Xing (DAMELL)

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