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AMES 91 Senior Seminar: Research Topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is the normal culminating course for all AMES majors. AMES 91 courses focus on pan-Asian topics and are designed to accommodate student interest in any of AMES's area concentrations. Participants will complete research projects related to their area specialization within AMES. AMES 91 rotates among several AMES faculty members. The distributives for this course vary accordingly. Upcoming AMES 91 offerings include:

AMES 91.01 Colonial Photography in Asia and the Middle East
This course examines the uses of photography by colonial governments, anthropologists, commercial photographers, and tourists in nineteenth-century Asia and the Middle East. It also addresses indigenous uses of photography that conform with and/or react against colonialist uses of the medium. The primary focus of the course is on photographs but consideration is also given to the diffusion of photographic images into other media including news publications, government documents, scientific studies, travelogues, fiction, textbooks, and museum displays. Dist: Art or INT; WCult: CI (Hockley; 14W)

AMES 91.02/GOVT 84.01 Dilemmas of Development: India, China, and the Middle East
Both China and India have witnessed extraordinary economic growth and development during the last two-three decades and have emerged among the world's fastest growing economies. In contrast, the Middle East has economically stagnated, seemingly incapable to implement economic reforms that could lead to sustained growth and development. This seminar investigates the reasons behind the economic success of China and India, and those that explain the lack of economic performance in the Middle East, focusing in part on the fate of the region's most populous country, Egypt. Dist: SOC; WCult: NW (Vandewalle; 15W)

AMES 91.03/HIST 96 Asia, the Middle East, and the Cold War
Although the Cold War was a global phenomenon, it has long been viewed mostly from European and American perspectives. This seminar explores ways of thinking about the Cold War within various Asian and Middle Eastern historical contexts. It also seeks to complicate or undermine representations of Asian and Middle Eastern societies as "Cold War battlegrounds." All students will write an article-length research paper on some aspect of the Cold War in Asia and/or the Middle East. SOC; WCult: NW (Miller; 16W)

Substitutes for AMES 91
AMES prefers its Majors to take advantage of the AMES 91 offerings as these courses are specifically designed as culminating experiences. In the event of scheduling conflicts, the follow substitutes are acceptable:

  • 1. Departmental senior seminars taught by an AMES-affiliated faculty member are acceptable substitutes for AMES 91. Students must submit a written rationale for such a substitution to the AMES chair no later than the fifth week of the term prior to taking the seminar.
  • 2. AMES 86 Advanced Independent Research is also an acceptable substitute for AMES 91. Students must submit a research proposal for approval by the AMES Steering Committee no later than the fifth week of the term prior to taking in AMES 86.
  • 3. Students writing an AMES honors thesis are exempted from the culminating experience requirement.

Administrator, Ann Fenton
Last Modified September 29, 2013