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the FSP in Fez, Morocco
4/27/14 The 2014 Dartmouth Fez Program Blog: Dartmouth in Morocco
3/06/11 The 2011 Dartmouth Fez Program Blog: Life in Fez and around Morocco
4/14/06 Newletter from Fez 2006!
April page 1, April page 2 (PDF)
12/31/05 A Program Directors section has been added the Fez site. The section includes information about the course taught in Fez, a course description, and contact points for the directors.
12/31/05 The FSP 2002 Photo Gallery, with beautiful pictures, is now finally available.
11/24/02 The newest version of the FSP guidebook is now available in both PDF and web-based versions. Though the site has been redesigned and reformatted, its contents are virtual identical to the previous site.
7/20/02 The dispute between Morocco and Spain over the island alternately known as Perejil and Leila, which began when a dozen Moroccan gendarmes established a presence there and escalated when warships, helicopters,and elite commandos claimed the land for Spain, has thankfully been resolved peacefully.
6/26/02 The first iteration of this site is complete! Visitors may inform themselves of the nuances of Dartmouth's Fez FSP, with pages detailing the curriculum and prerequisites, useful advice and information from evocative photographs and insightful essays,and a variety of links to online Moroccan resources. Please enjoy your visit and send comments or suggestions to the administrator. Cheers!

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