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E-mail became available in Morocco in 1995, and since then the Internet has grown increasingly accessible to Moroccans, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of both Internet cafés in Moroccan cities and websites from and on Morocco. Here are some highly personal selections to help you get a sense both of Morocco and of Dartmouth's Foreign Study Program in Fez.

The best source for current events in Morocco is the daily press summary of the French Embassy in Morocco. The coverage is fair and to the point, and (understandably) in French. Other buttons on the homepage offer information on cultural developments.

In English, the best available site is that of the Tangier American Legation Museum. It offers a virtual tour of the American Legation, the oldest U.S.-owned embassy overseas, and helpful links to other English and French sites concerning Morocco, including music. Their host site, La Maison du Maroc, is also an excellent source of information about Morocco.

You will also find much of interest on the "Friends of Morocco" website. This is a US-based site maintained by an association of former Peace Corps volunteers who have served in Morocco. The site offers a weeklysummary of significant news.

Next up is one of my personal web favorites. It is the website of Morocco's first regional newsweekly, established in 1992 and run from Tangier. Its editor, Jamal Amiar, is one of my former students, so the tie to this site is also a personal one.

You may also wish to look at the site of our host institution in Fez, the American Language Institute in Fez.

Simon O'Meara, our colleague from the University of Leeds (UK) who has been teaching our course, "Discovering an Islamic City: Fez," suggests this link for those interested in the houses of Fez.

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