Directors / A Foreign Study Program offered by Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program
the FSP in Fez, Morocco
Scheduled to Direct the Program in
Fez Program Directors
Dale F. Eickelman Department of Anthropology
office: 413C Silsby
tel: (603) 646-2621
Course taught in Fez: Religion, Reason, and Reform in Morocco
Course description: This course introduces religion in Morocco, and how Islam and other faiths relate to Moroccan society, politics, and culture and to the Middle East and Mediterranean worlds. Secular and religious movements in Morocco, as in Tunisia and Algeria--France's other former North African colonies--show profound political contrasts and have a vital impact on European societies today. The course also explores how the study of Morocco has contributed significantly to ongoing debates on understanding the role of religion and politics in contemporary social life.
Mary Jean Green Department of French and Italian
office: 203A Dartmouth
tel: (603) 646-2004
Course taught in Fez: Comp Lit 53 "History, Politics and the Moroccan Novel"
Course description:
Lynn A. Higgins Department of French and Italian
office: 309 Dartmouth
tel: (603) 646-3516
Course taught in Fez:
Course description:
A.Kevin Reinhart Department of Religion
office: 315 Thornton
tel: (603) 646-3204
Course taught in Fez: "The Islam of Morocco: Topics in the Study of Islam" Religion 28
Course description: This course is designed to introduce you to Islam as it occurs in the Moroccan environment. Each unit will include either visits from Moroccan scholars or practitioners of the aspect of Islam under consideration, or a visit to a scholar/practitioner or a religiously significant site. Satisfies Dist: PHR. Class of 2008 and later: Dist: TMV. WCult
Dirk J. Vandewalle Department of Government
office: 232 Silsby
tel: (603)646-2357
Course taught in Fez:
Course description:
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