Curriculum and Prerequisites
the FSP in Fez, Morocco
Formal Introduction and Background Information
The Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program (AMES) offers a foreign study program (FSP) in Fez, Morocco. Classes are taught at the American Language Institute in Fez (ALIF), by faculty and guest lecturers drawn from the two universities in Fez and elsewhere in Morocco, as well as a Dartmouth faculty member who participates in the AMES program.

Founded in the ninth century, Fez has historically been the crossroads for the Mediterranean to the north, sub-Saharan Africa to the south, the "eastern" Arab lands, and Morocco's other great imperial cities to the west. UNESCO has designated the city's extensive walled quarters as an international historical monument. The Fez program stresses opportunities to integrate visits to shrines, schools, markets, workplaces, and homestays with conventional classroom learning. Students have an opportunity to meet and converse with authors, officials, and scholars. Participants will be in Fez for nine weeks of this ten week program. One week in the middle of the program is devoted to visits to Morocco's other regions, including pre-Saharan Morocco.

The Dartmouth FSP in Fez offers three course credits. "Discovering an Islamic City" (AMES 33), combines seminar work with field visits. "Arabic as a Cultural System" (AMES 54) is an intensive introduction to spoken Moroccan Arabic and its cultural significance. A third course is offered by the Dartmouth program directors. A prior knowledge of French or Arabic is helpful, although not required.

Accommodations: for the first week, optionally, the last two weeks in Fez, and during the visit to Morocco's south, students live in hotels. The remaining six weeks in Fez are in a Moroccan home.

Full Listing of the Course Offerings:
AMES 33: Discovering an Islamic City. Distributive: Social Analysis.
AMES 54: Arabic as a Cultural System. Distributive: Non-Western.

If you're seeking detailed descriptions, the Registrar provides updated course listings for the courses.

The Prerequisites
There are several ways to become eligible for this program.
First, you may complete one of the following courses with a grade of B or higher:
    Anthropology 27/AMES 5: Thought and Change in the Middle East
    Anthropology 15: Political Anthropology (with Middle Eastern Studies faculty and topics)
    Anthropology 19/AMES 6: Islam: An Anthropological Approach
    Arabic 1, 2, 3: First-Year Courses in Arabic
    Arabic 10/AMES 4: Introduction to Arab Culture
    Arabic 61 or 63 (when the designated topic includes a focus on North Africa)
    Government 46: Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
    History 5.2/AMES 14: The Eye of the Beholder: Introduction to the Islamic World
    History 71: Social History of the Contemporary Middle East
    Religion 8/AMES 8: Introduction to Islam
    Religion 16/AMES 15: Modern Islam
Other courses may be accepted with the prior permission of the Fez program director.
* Note: you need not be an AMES major to participate in the Fez FSP. All intellectual disciplines are welcome!
Fez Program Directors

Please refer to the Program Directors section.
The section includes the following information: course taught in Fez, course description, and contact points.

Recent faculty leaders of the Fez Program include: Pedagogical and organizational assistance in Fez is provided by:
  • Dr Fatima Sadiqi, Fez University

For information on the next session of the Fez foreign study program, please contact the director.

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