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Katie Hornstein

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Assistant Professor

Modern European Art
Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2010
B.A.: University of California, Berkeley, 2001


Courses to be taught at Dartmouth

  • Art History 2, Introduction to Art History II
  • Art History 16, When Media Were New
  • Art History 17, The Age of Revolution: Nineteenth Century European Art
  • Art History 17, History of Photography
  • Art History 17, Twentieth-Century European Art (1900-1945)
  • Art History 86, Senior Seminar in Art Historical Theory and Method

Special Interests

Professor Hornstein is a specialist of nineteenth-century French art and visual culture.  Her current book project focuses on the relationships between visual representations of war, emergent modes of visual production across a range of media, and structures of political power from the French Revolution through the Crimean War (1789-1856).  Her teaching and research interest include nineteenth-century technologies of visual reproduction (lithography, photography, early film) and their interaction with more established media, such as painting, the shifting sets of  boundaries between art and industry, the rise of early mass culture, reception theory and history, nineteenth-century material culture and the history of industrial exhibitions and world's fairs.

Selected Publications

  • "The Price of things: Art, Industry and Commodity Culture at the Exposition Universelle of 1855in Paris," edited by Celia Pearce and Laura Hollengreen (Pittsburgh: Carnegie-Mellon ETC University Press, 2012).  (Peer-reviewed)
  • "Le Diagraphe et Pantographe de Charles Gavard et l'âge de la reproduction mécanique visuelle en France," Revue histoire de l'art 71 (2012). (Peer-reviewed)
  • "The Caillebotte Brothers at the Musée Jacquemart-André," exhibition review, nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 12 (Spring 2012).
  • "Claude Monet at the Grand Palais," exhibition review (co-authored with Caty Telfair), Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 10 (Spring 2011).
  • Review of Conflicting Visions: War and Visual Culture in Britain and France, c. 1700-1830.  Edited by John Bonehill and Geoff Quilley.  Ashgate: London, 2005. Montage, 2008

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