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Academic Year 2013-2014

Please check with the Registrar for course descriptions. The schedule below gives the most up-to-date information.


SUMMER 2013      
ARTH 16 12 Heck Contemporary Architecture
ARTH 16.2- xNAS 30.2   2A Szabo Plains Ledger Drawings
ARTH 17- xNAS 30.1 10A Szabo Mod. Native Amer. Art History
FALL 2013      
ARTH 1 11 Cohen/Kangas Bodies and Buildings: Introduction to the History of Art in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages
ARTH 16 10A Taylor Picasso: The Vollard Suite
ARTH 17 2 Camerlenghi Castles, Cloisters and Cathedrals
ARTH 21 12 Kangas Art in Ancient Greece: Temples, Gods, Heroes
ARTH 49 10 Hornstein European Art in the Age of Revolution
ARTH 68 10A Kim Modern & Contemporary Korean Art
ARTH 84 2A Randolph Advanced Seminar: Media and Meaning in Renaissance Sculpture
ARTH 85 3A Cohen Senior Seminar in Art Historical Theory & Method
WINTER 2014      
ARTH 2 11 Coffey/Kenseth Introduction to Art History II
ARTH 7 12 O'Rourke First-Year Seminar
ARTH 16 10A Kenseth Michelangelo
ARTH 17 2 Powers The Power of Place: Urban and Rural Images in American Art, 1900-1945
ARTH 20 11 Kangas Art of Ancient Egypt & the Ancient Near East
ARTH 25 12 Corrigan Roman Art
ARTH 61 10A Kim Introduction to Korean Art
ARTH 67 10 Hockley Contemporary Arts of Asia
ARTH 86 2A Hornstein Senior Seminar in Art Historical Theory and Method
SPRING 2014      
ARTH 4 2 Heck/Camerlenghi Introduction to World Architecture
ARTH 7 10A Coffey Orozco! Before & After Dartmouth


10 Camerlenghi Islamic Architecture
ARTH 17 10A Hornstein When Media Were New
ARTH 33 2A Carroll Gothic Art and Architecture
ARTH 45 10A Kenseth Southern Baroque Art
ARTH 53 2A Hornstein Twentieth Century Art in Europe 1900-1945
ARTH 64 11 Hockley The Japanese Painting Tradition
ARTH 75- xLACS 78 10 Coffey 20th-Century Art from Latin America
ARTH 80 2A Kenseth Advanced Seminar: Illustrated Books at Dartmouth
FSP   Cohen Foreign Study Program in Rome

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