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Academic Year 2012-2013

Please check with the Registrar for course descriptions. The schedule below gives the most up-to-date information.


SUMMER 2012      
 ARTH 59  12  Heck Modern Architecture
FALL 2012      
ARTH 1 11 Cohen/Kangas Bodies and Buildings: Introduction to the History of Art in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages
ARTH 16 12 Coffey Mexican Art
ARTH 16.2 2A Morphy Form, Context & Meaning in Aboriginal Art   x.Anth 50.1
ARTH 17 10A Kenseth Caravaggio
ARTH 42 2A Kenseth High Renaissance
ARTH 51 2 Hornstein Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism
ARTH 67 11 Hockley Contemporary Arts of Asia
ARTH 83 3A Cohen Advanced Seminar: Ideals of Physical Beauty: Gender and the Body in Ancient Art
WINTER 2013      
ARTH 2 11 Carroll/Hornstein Intro to Art History, II
ARTH 7 2A Heck First-Year Seminar
ARTH 16 2A Kim Modern and Contemporary Korean Art
ARTH 16.2  11 Jacobi Islamic Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment
ARTH 17 10A Kangas Ancient Art and Myth
ARTH 17.2  2 Jacobi Italian Renaissance Architecture: Issues and Approaches
ARTH 30 12 Corrigan Early Christian Art

ARTH 52  

12 Heck Building America
ARTH 63 10 Hockley Sacred Art & Architecture of Japan
ARTH 86 10A Coffey Culminating Seminar: Theory & Method
SPRING 2013      
ARTH 7 11 O'Rourke Paris in the 19th Century
ARTH 16 10 Corrigan The Mediterranean City 2nd-6th Centuries
ARTH 16.2  2A Jacobi Art, Architecture and Money in the Early Modern Period
ARTH 17  10A Hornstein History of Photography
ARTH 20  12 Kangas Art of Ancient Egypt & the Ancient Near East
ARTH 32 10A Carroll Early Medieval Art
ARTH 61 10A Kim Introduction to Korean Art
ARTH 65 11 Hockley Japanese Prints
FSP   Kenseth Foreign Study Program in Rome

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