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Genji Monogatari Related Links

The Intelligence & Database on GENJI-MONOGATARI Revised by Fujiwara-Teika 

Created by Professor Eiichi Shibuya, Takachiho University, Japan, original, modernized, and romanized text of all 54 chapters of Tale of Genji, notes in Japanese are also included.


University of Virginia/University of Pittsburgh Japanese Text Initiative

Japanese Text Initiative is a collaborative effort to make texts of classical Japanese literature available on the Web. Genji Monogatari text used in this site was prepared by Professor Eiichi Shibuya at Takachiho University, Japan.


Japan Classic Literature Research Institute Genji Net

This institute focuses on creating text database for the Genji Monogatari, developing programs to perform quantitative analysis of the database as well as automatic word analysis and automatic quote analysis. This site includes modernized version of all 54 chapters of Genji Monogatari by Yosano Aokiko published by Kadokawa Bunko.



Created by Professor Tetsuya Ito. List of links to many other Genji Monogatari related sites.


Genji Monogatari Database

Summary of the text, about people and places in Genji Monogatari.



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