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This website was created as part of my research on how the Web can be integrated into college level education.

Creating a website involves the effort of many people. I would like to thank the Ackland Art Museum and the Hood Museum of Art for giving me permission to use images of the works they contributed to this exhibition. I would like to thank especially, Kathy Hart, the Barbara C. and Harvey P. Hood 1918 Curator of Academic Programming at Hood Museum and Juliette Bianco, Exhibitions Manager at the Hood Museum, for their understanding and support for my project.

All images were scanned by Jan Smarsik, Assistant Curator of Visual Resources in Dartmouth's Department of Art History.

I would like to thank Professor Eiichi Shibuya at Takachiho Univdersity in Japan, for giving me permission to use the material on "Genji Monogatari" (Tale of Genji) he developed.

I would like to thank Sarah Horton, multimedia application specialist in Curricular Computing at Dartmouth College, for reviewing this site and giving me valuable suggestions and advice.

Many thanks to Allen Hockley, curator of this exhibition and Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History at Dartmouth College for providing label copy and supporting this project from the beginning.

All images in this site are used with permissions from the Ackland Art Museum and Hood Museum of Art. Reproduction in any form is a violation of copyright. Textual sections are copyrighted as well and can only be reproduced with the permission of Professor Allen Hockley.

Any comments are greatly appriciated. Please see 'feedback' page.

Mayumi Ishida
Website designer
Senior Lecturer in Japanese
Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures
Dartmouth College


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