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Current Exhibitions

There are currently no ongoing exhibitions.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Submissions will soon be accepted for AREA's summer show (TBD). If you are a Dartmouth student who has questions about submitting art, blitz your question to "AREA".

Past Exhibitions

Spring 2009 "Figure and Form"

Winter 2009 "Winter Exhibition"

Fall 2006 "On the Edge Of"

Spring 2006 "AREA Code"

Spring 2006 "Senior Majors' Show: Major Issues in a Tender Area"

Winter 2006 "8 x 10"

Summer 2004 "Decadence"

Spring 2004 "Senior Majors' Show"

Spring 2004 "Secret Societies Gender Show"

Winter 2004 "Power and Well Hung (collaborative pieces)"

Fall 2003 "Machines in the Garden"

Summer 2003 "The 5 Senses"

Spring 2003 "Senior Majors' Show"

Winter 2003 "Art & the Politics of Oppression"

Winter 2003 "Written on the Body: A Look at the Figure"

Fall 2002 "::faux-muraling:: A Faculty and Student Collaboration (Self Portraits)"

Summer 2002 "Sophomore Exhibition....AREA has Gone Respectable...."

Spring 2002 "Mixed Media"

Winter 2002