Architecture instruction at Dartmouth has a long history. In 1867, Sylvanus Thayer offered a $40,000 donation to the Trustees of Dartmouth College to establish a School or Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Four years, later, Thayer's intentions became a reality and students have been studying architecture at Dartmouth College ever since. In just the past five years more than 35 Dartmouth graduates have enrolled in graduate schools of architecture across the country.

Recent graduates who have entered graduate design programs, or who simply have a strong interest in architecture and architectural history, have majored in history, engineering, economics and government as well as studio art and art history.


Check the specific requirements of the programs you would like to attend. Most require a portfolio of work (often prepared in studio art and architectural design courses), an architectural history course, and one physics and one calculus class. Architecture Schools, published by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, gives descriptions of 250 schools in the US and abroad and is an excellent guide.

The following courses will be of interest to all students who wish to learn more about architectural design, urban studies, and architectural history.

Courses marked with a * are required for those who plan a studio art major with a concentration in architecture.

Studio Art Courses:

*Architecture 1 (SART 65) (new- offered Summer and Fall only!)
*Architecture 2/3 (SART 66/68)
*Drawing 1 (SART 15 is the prerequisite for SART 65)
Drawing 2/3 (SART 20)
Sculpture 1 (SART 16)
Sculpture 2/3 (SART 21)

Art History Courses:

Monuments of Asian Art (ARTH 3)
Sacred Art and Architecture of Japan (ARTH 17)
History of Architecture (ARTH 4)
The Bauhaus
Contemporary Architecture (ARTH 17)
Modern Architecture (ARTH 59)
Building America: And Architectural and Social History (ARTH 52)
Italian Medieval Art and Architecture (ARTH 34)
Gothic Art and Architecture (ARTH 33)

Engineering Courses:

Product Design (ENGS 12)
Advanced Product Design (ENGS 75)
Sustainable Design (ENGS 44)
Structural Analysis (ENGS 71)
Industrial Ecology (ENGS 171)
History Courses:

The Ghetto (HIST 96)

Environmental Studies Courses:

Humans and Nature in America (ENVS 1)
Environment and Society (ENVS 3)
Geography Courses:

The Natural Environment (GEOG 3)
Experiencing the City (GEOG 7)
American Landscapes and Culture (GEOG 24)


Harvard University Graduate School of Design- Career Discovery Program

Cornell University

Columbia University

University of Washington

The Boston Architectural Center Paris Program

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