Ivan Aprahamian was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1978. He received all his degrees (BSc-1998, MSc-2000, and PhD-2005) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His doctoral research was conducted under the supervision of Professors Mordecai Rabinovitz and Tuvia Sheradsky, and focused on NMR spectroscopic studies of alkali metal reduced polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. He then carried out postdoctoral research in Professor J Fraser Stoddart's Group at UCLA (2005-2008), where he focused on the synthesis of switchable and highly-ordered interlocked molecules in the form of bistable [n]rotaxanes. He joined the Department of Chemistry at Dartmouth College as an Assistant Professor in August 2008. See full CV

NSF CAREER award (2013)
Dartmouth Junior Faculty Fellowship (2012)
Burke Research Initiation Award (2008)
Horowitz Scholarship for Outstanding PhD Students (2003-2005)
Clara Klein Scholarship for PhD Students in Chemistry (2003)

Research Interests
Physical organic chemistry, molecular motion and molecular machines, fluorophores, sensors, materials science, surface science, self-assembly, crystal engineering, nanotechnology

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