Yin Yang

Graduate Student

Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China.
Education: BE in Pharmaceutical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology (2008).

I grew up in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province, which is famous for its spicy food and popular TV shows. My undergraduate major is in Pharmaceutical Engineering and I focused on Medicinal Chemistry in my senior year. I worked on drug design and the synthesis of falcipain-2 inhibitors which are anti-malarial drug candidates, under the supervision of Professor Jian Li. I joined the Aprahamian group in the fall of 2008. In my spare time, I enjoy running, watching movies as well as hanging out with friends.

Xin Su

Graduate Student
Personal Website

Hometown: Qinhuangdao, P. R. China.
Education: BSc in Chemistry, Nankai University (2009).

Born in Longkou, Shandong, I spent most of my childhood and teen years in Qinhuangdao, Hebei. In 2006, I joined the group of Professor Yu Liu as an undergraduate research assistant, and worked, under the supervision of Dr. Dong-sheng Guo, on supramolecular chemistry of water-soluble calixarenes. By joining the Aprahamian group, I am going to continue with my supramolecular approach to chemistry. There are no better keywords than history, typography and table tennis to describe the things I like to do during my leisure time.

Hai Qian

Graduate Student

Hometown: Beijing, P.R., China.
Education: BSc in Chemistry, Nankai University (2009); MSc in Organic Chemistry, Nankai University (2012).

I was born and raised in Beijing, China. In 2005, I was admitted to Nankai University where I started my chemistry career in Prof. Yu Liu's group, under the supervision of Prof. Dong-sheng Guo. My research at Nankai focused on the molecular recognition and self-assembly of water-soluble calixarenes. To further pursue my supramolecular chemistry interests, I chose to join the Aprahamian group as a graduate student in the Fall of 2012. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports and traveling with my friends.

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