MRI: Axial wrist (image 1 of 3)  

This and the next two web pages show three T2-weighted axial MRIs. Image 1 is the most proximal and image 3 the most distal. The first image was taken at the distal forearm. This is the approximate location of this cross-section on a standard radiograph. Remember that connective tissue elements, such as tendons and ligaments will appear black in these images.

Remember that by convention, cross sectional images are viewed as though you were standing at the foot of a supine patient, looking up towards their head. The top of the image is anterior and the bottom, posterior.

Identify the following:

1. radius

2. ulna

3. pronator quadratus

Is this a right or left forearm? (answer)


1. flexor digitorum superficialis

2. flexor digitorum profundus

3. flexor pollicis longus


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