Pulmonary angiogram  

This image is obtained by threading a thin catheter into the pulmonary vasculature and injecting iodine-based dye. Iodine is radio-dense and relatively well tolerated. An X-ray image is then taken immediately in order to visualize the arterial flow pattern.

Identify the following:

1. angiogram catheter

2. left pulmonary artery

3. right pulmonary artery

4. right upper lobe trunk

5. right middle lobe artery

6. right lower lobe trunk

7. left upper lobe branches

8. left lower lobe banches

Compare this arteriogram with the pulmonary venogram obtained during the venous phase of the blood flow.

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Image courtesy of C. Carl Jaffe, MD, FACC, Branch Chief, Diagnostic Imaging Branch Cancer Imaging Program, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute