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Sagittal T1 MRI 1

MRIs are obtained as thin slices in the axial, coronal, or sagittal planes.  T1 weighting is a technique used to acquire images in which fluid appears dark/black.  Gray matter appears dark gray, and white matter is lighter than gray matter.  The appearance of blood vessels is variable.  In the series that follows, the large vessels, like the carotid arteries and circle of Willis arteries are white. The subcutaneous fat is white.

Identify the following:

1. frontal lobe

2. caudate nucleus

3. anterior limb of internal capsule

4. thalamus

5. gray matter

6. white matter

7. internal carotid artery

8. temporal lobe

9. cerebellum

10. occipital lobe

11. choroid plexus in lateral ventricle

12. subarachnoid space

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