Bilateral lower extremity angiogram-SFA occlusion  

Contrast is being injected via a catheter whose tip is positioned in the distal abdominal aorta. Sequential images are obtained at multiple "stations" to follow the contrast as it travels down the arteries of the legs. Symmetry of blood flow can be evaluated with this technique.

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Observe the following:

The blood, which is opacified by admixture with injected contrast material, moves forward in the lower extremity vessels, propulsed via cardiac output. As unopacified blood flows into the lower extremity, it "washes out" the high density contrast.

Blood flow in the right superficial femoral artery is slightly slower than in the left, due to a focal SFA occlusion. Branches of the right profunda femoral artery reconstitute the more distal SFA. Note that the wash out of opacified blood is slower in the right leg than the left, due to slower flow.

There is a focal stenosis of the right SFA/ popliteal artery junction.

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