MRI: Axial thigh (upper)  

This is an axial image of the upper thighs in a male. Fat appears bright in this image, while ligaments, cortical bone and fascia appear dark. Note that the medullary space of the femurs is white, due to the presence of fat in the marrow. Blood vessels appear dark gray or black; this is called a "flow void" and is the normal, expected appearance.


Identify the following:

1. scrotum

2. femur

3. gluteus maximus

4. anterior compartment

5. sartorius

6. quadriceps femoris

7. great saphenous vein

8. femoral vessels

9. medial compartment

10. adductor longus & brevis

11. adductor magnus

12. gracilis

13. hamstring muscle group

14. sciatic nerve

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