MRI: Axial thigh (lower)  

This is an axial image of the lower thigh of the right lower extremity. The right side of the image is medial, and the left side of the image is lateral. If you recall that all axial images are displayed, by convention, as though you were standing at the foot of the table and looking towards the patient's head, you can reason that this must be the right leg. The same imaging parameters were used as in the prior image.


Identify the following:

1. popliteal artery & vein

2. sciatic nerve

3. vastus lateralis

4. rectus femoris tendon

5. vastus intermedius

6. vastus medialis

7. sartorius



8. gracilis

9. great saphenous vein

10. biceps femoris (long & short heads)

11. semitendinosus

12. semimembranosus


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