AP and Oblique foot: This shows an AP (left) and oblique (right) image of the foot side by side.Note that the cuneiforms and cuboid, and tarsometatarsal junctions are seen more clearly on the oblique view (these bones overlap on AP view).



Identify the following:

1. talus

2. navicular

3. calcaneus

4. cuboid

5. medial cuneiform

6. middle cuneiform

7. lateral cuneiform

8. 1st metatarsal

9. 2nd metatarsal

10. 3rd metatarsal



11. 4th metatarsal

12. 5th metatarsal

13. metatarsophalangeal joints

14. tarsometatarsal joints

15. proximal phalanges

16. middle phalanges

17. distal phalanges

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