Indications for use of CT  


There are extensive uses for CT of the abdomen. These include a) the work up abdominal pain, b) inflammatory conditions such as suspected appendicitis or diverticulitis, c) to evaluate for tumors, d) enlargement of organs such as the liver or spleen, e) to evaluate for kidneys stones, and f) obstruction of the bowel, kidneys or bile ducts. Many other indications also exist.

Both of the CTs above were taken to work up the cause of abdominal pain in two patients who presented to the ER with right sided pain.

The image on the left demonstrates a dilated right renal collecting system (the calyces and renal pelvis) secondary to obstruction of the right ureter. This is commonly caused by a renal stone lodging within the ureter and obstructing the drainage of the kidney. The image on the right demonstrates acute appendicitis. The appendix is abnormally dilated, with swelling in the wall and inflammation around it.