Indications for use of CT  


CT is widely used to evaluate structures in the thorax. Tumors of the lung or chest wall, infections, emphysema and other chronic lung diseases are well demonstrated on CT.

More recently, CT has become a more powerful way to evaluate the blood vessels in the thorax and the heart. This includes evaluation for blood clots in the pulmonary arteries, atherosclerosis and narrowing in the coronary arteries and aorta, abnormal dilatations of blood vessels (aneurysms), and cardiac function.

At right is a chest CT image displayed in lung windows. Note how well the lung parenchyma is seen; the individual blood vessels and airspaces are visible. Also note that the soft tissues of the chest wall and mediastinum are not seen adequately. When viewing a CT, it is important that the display is set appropriately to allow visualization of the structures of interest.

Do you see the mass in the lung?