CT: Axial abdomen (image 2 of 3)  

This is a more caudal image of the same patient. Note how the cross-sectional area of the liver has decreased at this level. Consideration of the three-dimensional structure of the liver will help in understanding why the liver changes in cross-sectional slices. This section is obtained inferior to the stomach, and below the splenic flexure of the colon.


Identify the following:

1. right lobe of liver

2. gall bladder

3. duodenum (2nd or descending part)

4. body of pancreas

5. tail of pancreas

6. spleen

7. aorta

8. inferior vena cava

9. celiac trunk

10. splenic vein

11. portal vein

12. transverse colon

13. descending (left) colon

14. small intestine


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