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April 13th 2009

Special spring Alumni Retreat!

May 9th at Harris cabin! All alumni are encouraged to come home to Amarna, and enjoy a night in the DOC’s newest cabin. We’ll provide good food, games, and plenty of time for reminiscing. Please let us know if you plan on coming! Email:

$25 donation for the food and cabin rental requested.

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January 24th 2009

Create an Account

We strongly encourage all Amarnites, both old and new, to create an account on the Amarna website. This will enable us to send email messages to the list of all subscribers. To create your account:

  1. Go to this website: Register
  2. Under username enter your username in the following format:
    [first Name] [last Initial] [Class Year]
    (For example, my username would be stephaniet09.)
  3. Enter a valid email address.

That’s all you have to do! Once your account has been confirmed, a random password will be mailed to you. After that, you will be able to log in to the site by going to this website: Login and using the password that was emailed to you. To change your password once you have logged in, click on “Profile” on the right side of the web page and scroll down to the bottom where “New Password” is located.

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January 23rd 2009

PayPal Addition!

At long last, you can now make donations to Amarna using your credit card via a PayPal button. Just check out the donations page!

Also, the events calendar will now be regularly updated. So keep monitoring the website for updates about events!

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February 17th 2008

Site Update

Hi all,

So it looks like everything works with Wordpress, the extremely popular open-source blogging system that I have adapted to work with Amarna’s site. I encourage all Amarnites, past and present, to “Register” for a new account via the link on the right hand side. Please enter your new usernames in the following format, just so I know that you’re not a spam-bot:

<First Name><Last Initial><two digit class year>

So, mine would be davids08 (can you find me on the list?). Trust me when I say that I respect that you’ve had the same online alias since using Mosaic in 1993, but I need to honor this convention because if any single malicious entity gets into the site again, I need to close it down and redo it all over. Again.

Don’t forget, we’re actually going to try to update the site somewhat frequently this time around, so subscribe to our RSS feed with your favorite online/offline feed reader (Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Reader, Netvibes, iGoogle, etc. etc.). Also, we’ll be sending out a newsletter to registered users just like before, so sign up for an account today!

Just as a small sample: we’ll be having our termly retreat the week after next, from Feb. 29th to Mar. 1st. Any and all alums are welcome to come and if you’re thinking of joining Amarna, retreat is the perfect place.


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February 12th 2008

Amarna’s New Website

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, dear friends, the old Amarna website system was apparently hacked and hijacked and had to be taken down immediately. I will be doing my best to recreate everything in this new system, but I have to build it from scratch, so it will take a while. You can contact me via the Amarna blitz with any questions.


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