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April 14th 2009

The Sun

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The Sun

Amarna’s Alumni Newsletter


Hello Amarnites far and wide!

            May the traditions live long and Amarna keep chugging! We’re all doing swimmingly over here, and we’d love to hear from you! Where are you in the world? What brilliant activities are you up to?  Do you miss us?

            This newsletter is the first installment in what will become a term-ly publication to keep you updated with the goings on at our favorite undergraduate society.

Attention! This spring we are planning a special ALUMNI retreat! We have reserved Harris Cabin, the latest cabin built by the DOC, from Saturday, May 9 to Sunday the 10th.  We hope as many of you can come as possible! Plan for a relaxed and fun evening of games, sitting around the campfire, and other traditional retreat activities. If possible, we’re asking for a $25 donation to cover the cabin rental, food for that night, and brunch the following morning. Please let us know if you hope to come, plan to come, or wish you could come and are there in spirit. Sign up HERE: !! Bring your sleeping bag! We’ll bring the food and candles.

Also, check out our website: , if you want to hear about more upcoming events or read our blog. Also be sure to join the Amarna Facebook Group.  Feel free to email Amarna’s blitz account, monitored by our fearless president Liz Werley-Prieto, at

Please stay in touch, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Tara (Mac) McNerney ‘09, Alumni Liaison

Emily (Sparrow) Goodell ‘11, Membership Chair


Amarna: Winter 2009

            Let us give you some news from us here at the Big Green, 23 East Wheelock St.

On February 12, during Winter Carnival, we hosted a special Alumni Valentine’s Day brunch.  We made valentines, listened to the stories of Dartmouth past, and feasted on an array of homemade goodies and the token box of Dunkin Donuts doughnut holes.  We were so happy to see: Gail Sweeney ‘03, Glenn Buchberger ‘04, Emily Miller ‘04, Alex Horn ‘04, Sarah Maxell Crosby ‘04, and Daniel Maxell Crosby ‘02 and friends of the house Boulat Bash ‘01, and Kyle Polite ‘05.

Wine and Cheese and Monday Night Dinner remain our biggest connections with the outside world.  Winter term Wine and Cheese was, as always, a classy affair, with live jazz piano and song, and the last guests vanishing into the night around 3:30am.   Wine and Cheese was able to regain its rightful name in the fall, after a brief interlude as “**Censored** and Cheese,” as a result of College concerns about alcohol-focused advertising for an event.  In recent years we’ve made an effort to include several local cheeses at WC.

            Mac continues to save the planet, one biodegradable bag of compost at a time, as self-appointed Amarna sustainability dictator.  We now have a nice smelly compost in our kitchen, and last spring some members started a vegetable garden in the backyard. I think we were harvesting some last bat-sized zucchinis all the way up until November.

            This winter we also hosted the Dartmouth Track and Field team, since our own Natalie Todd-Zebel is a very accomplished pole-vaulter. Not only did a group of Amarnites welcome the athletes by streaking the party, but we also brought back the naked snow angels tradition!

            Other than that, we’ve enjoyed events such as “Watch This Eat This,” which involves watching a movie and eating related food.  Last term?  The Dark Knight, accompanied by “Two-face” grilled-cheese sandwiches and Heath bar cookies.  We also hosted a show by Dartmouth’s stand-up comedy group, “Sit Down Tragedy” (including Amarnite Angel Castillo ‘10) and another by the campus band Occum’s Razor.  The great poets were kept alive during several coffee houses over the course of the term.

            Retreat took place at the Organic farm and was the birthplace of a new Amarna tradition, the “Bat Signal.”  The Bat Signal, which can be called by any member, is a way for members to check in and share things with the house.  We sit in a circle and share what’s been going on in our lives-our stories, frustrations, and triumphs-in a supportive, confidential setting.

            We have welcomed three new members in the past few weeks: Robyn ‘11, Kristen, ‘11 and Phil `10, and are hoping to expand recruitment this term with several Coffee Houses, including one during Dimensions, a “Tacos y Cervesa” Cinco de Mayo party, and weekly house events.

            All in all, life at the house goes on as usual, and we all look forward to a wonderful (and warm!) spring.

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April 13th 2009

Special spring Alumni Retreat!

May 9th at Harris cabin! All alumni are encouraged to come home to Amarna, and enjoy a night in the DOC’s newest cabin. We’ll provide good food, games, and plenty of time for reminiscing. Please let us know if you plan on coming! Email:

$25 donation for the food and cabin rental requested.

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April 13th 2009

Spring Term Wine and Cheese

Will be on Saturday, April 25!!

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