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Areas of Support

Annual Gifts Support Dartmouth and Its Undergraduates in Five Areas

1. The Highest Priorities

Supports essentials not fully funded by endowment revenues. Gives Dartmouth the discretionary ability to meet institutional needs and act on new initiatives throughout the year.

2. Faculty and Academic Programs

Helps Dartmouth recruit and retain top scholar-teachers and ensure an exceptional undergraduate education, including independent student research and foreign study. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked Dartmouth #1 for “Best Undergraduate Teaching.”

3. Financial Aid

Ensures that the best and brightest students can come to Dartmouth regardless of their economic backgrounds. Gifts of $30,000 or more can sponsor an individual student through the Dartmouth College Fund Scholar Program.

4. Athletics

Provides for the wide range of varsity, intramural, recreational, and club opportunities that promote both physical and mental well-being. More than three quarters of Dartmouth undergraduates participate in a sport or fitness activity.

5. Culture and Community

Supports the more than 60 percent of Dartmouth undergraduates who volunteer annually for local and global service programs, and the thousands of students who participate in or attend art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, theater productions, and Film Society events.

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