2014 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2014 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors listed below have made a cash gift between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. If you don’t see your name listed and have made a cash gift this fiscal year, please contact 603-646-3621 for assistance.

Class of 1950
47.1% Participation
60-69 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Kenneth F. Anderson, M.D. 

J. Leo Appel (Hal Ripley Society Member)

William Balderston, III 

Walter I. Baranetsky (Hal Ripley Society Member)

The Reverend James G. Birney (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Arnold H. Bockstruck 

John Caldwell 

William H. Carpenter (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Eugene P. Carver II (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Kenneth F. Clark, Jr. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

John L. Coffman 

Richard H. Davidson 

Frank R. Dickinson 

Albert V. Durand (Hal Ripley Society Member)

John H. Elliott 

J. William Embree, III (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

John K. Fauver 

Bennett S. Ferguson (Hal Ripley Society Member)

David R. Fink, Jr., Ph.D. 

Glenn L. Fitkin, Jr. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

William E. Frenzel 

Frank D. Gilroy 

Richard W. Griffith, Jr. 

David B. Grinnell 

Jacques Harlow (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Alan G. Harquail, Jr., D.D.S. 

Frank L. Harrington, Jr. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

David I. Hitchcock, Jr. 

Eugene Hotchkiss, Ph.D. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Frank E. Hotchkiss 

C. Sherman Hoyt, M.D. 

King T. Kenny 

Robert D. Kilmarx (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Marvin R. Kohl 

Joel A. Leavitt (Volunteer)

Francis L. Lion (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Norman E. McCulloch, Jr. (Volunteer)

Robert M. McIlwain (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Alexander G. Medlicott, Ph.D. (Volunteer)

Marshall W. Mitchell 

Ralph Clarke Nash, Jr. 

Edward W. Noyes 

John A. Oliver (Hal Ripley Society Member)

William W. Pulley (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Richard A. Robie (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

K. V. Rothchild (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Thomas M. Ruggles (Hal Ripley Society Member)

William R. Sapers (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

William G. Schneider 

Calvin Chia Jung Sia, M.D. 

George C. Singer 

Richard E. Sitzer 

Laurence R. Smith, Jr. 

David J. Taylor 

Robert M. Thomson (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Eugene A. Ulrich 

John D. Vogel 

Howard H. Weston 

Charles H. Wilkinson (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Robert S. Wilkinson, Jr., M.D. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

50-59 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Charles L. Abbe (Deceased)

Tor B. Arneberg 

Harold B. Bray 

Hugh K. Brower 

Everett N. Chamberlain 

William R. Christgau, Jr. 

Courtland J. Cross 

Malcolm B. Decker 

John T. DeGraff, Jr. 

Robert C. Ferguson 

Robert B. Funkhouser 

Frederick R. Gamble, Jr. 

McLean M. Grant 

Donald J. Hall 

Roger S. Hillas 

Nelson Newbury Hovde 

Emil T. Hudak (Deceased)

Robert O. Hutchinson 

Elliot R. Loeb 

Richard G. Lohnes 

Hugh M. Lynch 

James B. Malone 

Douglas L. Mann 

Roger V. Mathes 

Robert L. Miller 

Robert J. Misey 

F. Kent Mitchel 

John W. Morton 

Edwin E. Myers, Jr. 

Peter B. Nottage 

Kingsland Oakes (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Merritt A. Osborn 

William C. Patten 

The Honorable Haddon L. Sarokin 

David I. Steinberg 

Aaron B. Stevens, M.D. 

William H. Taylor, Jr. 

John H. Weber 

James S. Wehnes 

Richard E. Williamson 

Wallace C. Young, Jr. 

40-49 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Philip W. Brown Jr., M.D. 

Philip H. Chase, Ph.D. 

Donald E. Hannigan 

Howard M. Lawrence 

James P. Lyons 

R. Curtis McKee 

G. William Sickel, M.D. 

G. William Streng 

William G. Turino Jr. 

William A. Williams 

30-39 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Sherman M. Clough Jr. 

Donald E. Krueger 

Richard F. Ledyard, Jr. 

Donald J. Meenen 

Douglas A. Smith 

John F. Swenson 

20-29 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Richard J. Best, M.D. 

Rene Blanc 

Raymond F. DeVoe, Jr. 

Charles R. Gilmore 

Richard D. Leonard 

Robert G. Myers 

Joseph R. Sardella, Ed.D. 

10-19 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

William B. Lambert 

John C. Oakley 

Arnold C. Oss, Jr. 

Max Welborn, Jr., Ph.D. 

1-9 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Anonymous (5) 

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Clare S. Broadbent 

Louise G. Christopher 

Judith Cross (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Elizabeth C. Gumbart 

Carolyn S. McCallum 

Barbara McKill-Lee 

Susan Miller 

Ardelle Nagle 

Margery P. Nichols 

Catherine Nielsen 

Heloise Pressey 

Margaret Ann Smith 

Mrs. James D. Vail, III (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Mary T. von Herrmann 

Mrs. Mary C. Wallace 

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