2014 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2014 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors listed below have made a cash gift between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. If you don’t see your name listed and have made a cash gift this fiscal year, please contact 603-646-3621 for assistance.

Class of 1949
38.6% Participation
60-69 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

John Adler 

Robert E. Alden (Volunteer)

William A. Ballard (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Joel I. Berson (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Paul R. Bjorklund, D.D.S. (Volunteer)

A. Clarke Church 

Edward L. Clogston 

Richard G. Commons, D.D.S. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Bruce B. Crawford (Hal Ripley Society Member)

John N. Dahle, Esq. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Loomis G. Dana 

George F. Day, Ph.D. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

William R. Davis 

James M. Dowaliby, II, M.D. 

Richard O. Elliott, M.D. 

Matthew C. Fenton, III 

John Gately 

Robert H. Goetz 

Slade Gorton 

John C. Griffith 

Henry L. Gutman (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Vail K. Haak, Jr. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Louis A. Harris (Volunteer)

George H. Hartmann 

Edmond A. Heller, Jr. 

Richard G. Higley 

Robert D. Hill 

Richard M. Hook 

Robert W. Jackson 

Dale G. Jacobson 

Edward H. Leede 

Rt. Rev. Edward H. MacBurney 

Thomas A. McManus, Jr., D.D.S. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

W. Dean Merrill (Volunteer)

James W. Mytton (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Edward A. Nickerson, Ph.D. 

Alfred T. Quirk 

Raymond J. Rasenberger (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Bertram Rodman (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Robert C. Rooke (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Jay Rosenfield (Volunteer)

Abraham Shalo (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Alan G. Smith, M.D. 

Frederick Smith, Jr. 

George A. Soufleris, M.D. 

John P. Stearns (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Thomas J. Swartz, Jr. (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Douglas Thomson (Volunteer)

Thomas H. Towler (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Raymond F. Truncellito (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Harry F. Ungar 

James W. Valliant 

Paul Woodberry (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

James G. Zafris, Jr. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

50-59 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Robert Baum 

Robert J. Bellemare (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Bruce Benner 

Richard S. Carr, Jr. 

Colonel Peter M. Gish 

Philip W. Goodspeed 

Edward H. Grant 

Daniel D. Jackson 

Stafford W. Keegin, II 

Albert M. Mackey, Jr. 

Frederick J. Ostrowski 

C. Reed Parker 

Matthew J. Wayner, Jr., Ph.D. 

Robert H. Zeiser (Deceased)

40-49 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

John B. Daukas 

Jordan E. Kurland 

Ralph P. Melville 

Richard W. Moulton 

Claude V. Offray Jr. (Deceased)

Eugene J. Smith 

Arthur T. Wallace (Deceased)

Richard A. Wolff, II 

30-39 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Walter de Hoog (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

J. Paul Erwin, Jr. (Deceased)

R. Jay Evans 

Gordon S. Parsons, D.O. (Deceased)

20-29 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

John M. Borys 

G. Paul Denecke 

Charles S. Eaton (Deceased)

John Sweetland, Jr. (Deceased)

Russell Wolfertz, Sr. 

10-19 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Sumner A. Arneson (Deceased)

Glenda Simcox (Adopted)

1-9 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Anonymous (3) 

Frederick H. Ameluxen, Jr. 

Raymond J. Cirrotta (Deceased)

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Sarah R. Boardman (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Jean Durning 

Nancy Carol Fay 

Emma Hartkemeier 

Mrs. Charles M. Holtzman 

Terry Hamilton Jones 

Katharine Randall 

Alma Scully (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Phyllis M. Swift (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Page M. Tomlinson 

Norma Treat 

Joan Williams 

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