2014 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2014 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors listed below have made a cash gift between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. If you don’t see your name listed and have made a cash gift this fiscal year, please contact 603-646-3621 for assistance.

Class of 1948
50.4% Participation
60-69 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Marvin F. Axelrod (Volunteer)

Lansing G. Brisbin 

Russell C. Carlson 

Frederick T. Comstock, Jr., P.E. 

Warren F. Daniell, Jr. (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Wood M. DeYoe 

Francis R. Drury, Jr. (Volunteer)

Robert D. Eckerson 

Hugh M. Ettinger 

Eugene I. Finke, Ph.D. 

John A. Gustafson, Ph.D. 

John H. Hatheway (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Harland Hoisington (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Thomas A. Huffman, M.D. 

Samuel L. Katz, M.D. 

Lawrence Kepnes 

David A. Kurr 

Richard D. Leggat (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Allen E. McMichael (Deceased)

Harthon I. Munson 

Foxhall A. Parker (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Raymond F. Richard 

Ira B. Robins (Hal Ripley Society Member)

C. James Schaefer, III (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Morton Smith (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

The Honorable Ronald I. Spiers 

The Reverend Louis O. Springsteen (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Martin L. Ullman 

John A. VanRaalte (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Phillip Viereck 

Arthur S. Wensinger 

Henry H. Woodard, Jr., Ph.D. 

50-59 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Walton A. Baker 

David I. Barr 

Kenneth W. Carpenter 

Stuart L. Craig 

Richard A. Dahl 

Jack R. Leisure 

Melvin Neisloss 

Lt. Col. Jere E. Poole, U.S.A.F., Ret. 

Donald H. Smith 

Everett B. Wilson 

40-49 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Howard T. Cook (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Richard K. Donahue 

John M. Price, Jr., M.D. 

Jerome H. Zins, M.D. 

30-39 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Jeremy M. Copleston 

Kenneth T. Pinhero 

20-29 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Foster J. DeGiacomo 

James B. Hudson, M.D. 

Arthur F. Niederbuhl 

10-19 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Donald E. Casey 

Ernest W. Marshall, Ph.D. 

Glen B. Peck, Jr. 

1-9 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Anonymous (2) 

Carl S. Felsenfeld 

Charles W. Major, Ph.D. 

Robert F. Wieler 

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Alice M. Becker 

Jeanne Ann Bobbitt 

Anne Briggs 

Margaret Herrick 

Eleanor Huke 

Flora Sheldon Bush Jansing 

Carla M. Macartney 

Vivien McKee 

Muriel Morrison 

Nancy Mueller 

Margaret Nicholson 

Eleanor Park 

Nancy K. Zurn Reynolds 

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