2014 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2014 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors listed below have made a cash gift between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received. If you don’t see your name listed and have made a cash gift this fiscal year, please contact 603-646-3621 for assistance.

Class of 1947
40.9% Participation
70-79 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Alan R. Epstein (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

David G. Stahl, D.M.D. (Deceased)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

60-69 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Richard H. Allen, M.D. 

Robert C. Allen 

Karl E. Becker 

Allen I. Bildner (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Henry J. Brezinski 

George L. Cohn, M.D. (Volunteer)

William R. Dahlin 

Donald J. Evans (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Norman Falkin (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Stanley Geller 

Jerome L. Gillis 

Lawrence B. Goodman (Hal Ripley Society Member)

John T. Gray 

Wilbert D. Greenlaw 

Alan N. Hall 

William B. Harding 

W. Hardy Hendren, III, M.D. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Richard Hollerith, Jr. (Volunteer)

Harold Johnston (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

John E. Joyce, Jr. (Deceased)

Ary L. Kaufmann 

Robert E. Keane 

Kendrick A. Kelly 

Robert B. Kirsch (Deceased)

Carl A. Kuniholm (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Joseph G. Kurey (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Thomas E. Leggat (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

G. Richard Lezius (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Joseph W. Lovell, Jr. 

William J. Lynn 

Richard A. Mayo, M.D. 

Richard P. Nickelsen, Ph.D. 

Edward J. O'Rourke, Jr. 

Donald F. Page, Ph.D. (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Michael R. Pender 

Gerald F. Phillips, Esq. (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

George R. Phippen 

Blanchard Pratt (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

W. Lansing Reed (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Stephen J. Reinhardt (Hal Ripley Society Member)

Roger W. Reynolds 

George W. Rusch 

Philip A. Segal, Jr. (Volunteer)

Norman J. Sissman, M.D. 

Frederic R. Sistare II (Volunteer)

David F. Squire (Volunteer)(Bartlett Tower Society  Member)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Donald G. Symer 

John B. Trethaway (Volunteer)(Hal Ripley Society Member)

Ralph A. Warburton 

Frank A. Weber (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Eugene P. Whittier, Jr., M.D. 

John T. Young 

John J. Zimmerman 

50-59 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Benjamin B. Brewster 

Daniel E. Center, Jr. 

Eugene O. DeFelice 

Robert S. Green 

Alfred L. Hill 

Colonel Edward B. Howard 

Carl B. Kaufmann 

Robert B. Rowland (Deceased)

Robert D. VanReypen 

40-49 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

George Adelman 

Bruce A. Bryer 

Douglas K. Burch 

Allen Charlton 

Donald W. Delahanty, M.D. 

Robert H. T. Dodson 

Donald W. Edwards, M.D. 

Richard C. Gerrold 

Alan Goldstein (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Joseph D. Hayes, Jr. (Volunteer)

Richard B. Menin 

Melvin J. Nelson 

William E. Scollard 

Harold S. Simon (Deceased)

Frank P. Wuerfel 

30-39 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Wallace D. Bradway (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Mrs. Townes M. Harris, Jr. (Adopted)

The Reverend R. De Witt Mallary, Jr. 

Theodore A. Platz, Jr. 

20-29 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

James Smith Rudolph (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

10-19 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Samuel C. Doyle, M.D. 

Seymour Stein 

Thomas J. Williams 

1-9 Years of Giving (Fiscal 2014 cash donors only)

Anonymous (3) 

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Beverly J. Alexander 

Carole P. Bailey French 

Julie Carroll 

Beverly Long Chapin, Ph.D. 

Gail Clark 

Genevieve C. Conroy 

Karren L. Eisaman 

Beverley Gasner 

Mrs. George B. Gerrish (Bartlett Tower Society  Member)

Sally M. Larmon 

Joan McCulloch 

Joanne Miller 

Julie A. Noolan, Ph.D. 

Mary Ann E. Ruegg 

Norma Shribman 

Carolee Twining 

Mrs. H. Richard Wilking 

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