2014 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given to Dartmouth in fiscal 2014 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received.

Class of 1943
31.7% Participation

Anonymous (3) 

Robert C. Barnum, Jr. B

John W. Bartemus 

Howard T. Bates 

Martin Borofsky 

Philip P. Brooks, Jr. V

Charles R. Cusack B

W. Thomas Doar, Jr. 

Charles M. Donovan VB

Charles E. Dorkey, Jr. 

Robert E. Field V

Waldo L. Fielding, M.D. 

Robert J. Fieldsteel B

Michael Frothingham 

Roberto Herrera, Jr. 

D. Joseph Hurley V

John L. Hyde 

Charles F. Kane, M.D. 

Howard B. Leavitt 

J. Clark Moore, Jr. V

Calvin J. Osberg 

Walter F. Pettit 

Lee Romanow 

Harry H. Semmes, Jr. 

George T. Shimizu V

Stanley D. Skaug 

Chester Solez, M.D. 

George F. Tillson 

Seth H. Washburn 

William T. Wolf B

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Nance Haywood Geller 

Evemarie Gilfillan 

Virginia Z. Lloyd 

Sara Jane Morner 

Margot West 

Key: * = Deceased,   A = Adopted,   V = Fund and/or Gift Planning Volunteer,   B = Bartlett Tower Society Member

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