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2011 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who have given in fiscal 2011. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received.

Class of 1941
49.4% Participation

Anonymous (3) 

Bruce L. Brown B

B. Bernei Burgunder, Jr. 

Waring C. Carrington, Jr. 

George F. Clabaugh, M.D. B

F. Eugene Clark, Ph.D. 

Abbott C. Combes, III 

Richard D. Cords 

James S. Eckels V

A. William English 

Robert L. Feller, Ph.D. 

Warner A. Finney 

Leo M. Grace, Jr. 

Henry Gunst, Jr. 

E. Grant Hesser 

Richard D. Hill B

Peter M. Keir 

Carl C. Krogh 

Edward A. Larner, Jr. B

Monk W. Larson, Esq. 

Daniel B. Libby 

Felix Lilienthal, Jr. B

Walter L. Lipman 

George B. McCallum B

James D. McGaughey, III, M.D. 

Edward N. McMillan, Jr. B

Edward R. Patterson 

Maynard H. Riley, Jr. 

Roy Rowan 

Ed Small 

Charles E. Smith 

Gene H. Stollerman, M.D. 

Edward H. Stone 

Timothy Takaro, M.D. 

Edmund A. Tanzi *

Robert F. Thorne, Ph.D. 

Chester S. Williams, Ph.D. 

Stephen W. Winship B

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Stewart C. Broberg B

Helen Valarie Bye 

Margaret Chisholm 

Mrs. James L. Davis 

Virginia Evans 

Mrs. Seth Marshall Fitchet 

Marie Cashel Grant 

Elizabeth Gray 

Jane Hanks V

Jacqueline Jacobsen 

Mrs. George Schuyler Morse 

Mary-Frances Richardson 

Doris Silberstein 

Frances W. Smith 

Patricia Robillard Stillman 

Key: * = Deceased,   A = Adopted,   V = Volunteer,   B = BTS Member

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