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2009 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who gave in FY 2009 through the Dartmouth College Fund. Donors who have pledged will be listed when their gifts are received.

Class of 1941
50% Participation
60-69 Years of Giving

Robbins W. Barstow, Jr., Ph.D.
Alden Boyd
Bruce L. Brown
B. Bernei Burgunder, Jr.
Lee E. Bye
George F. Clabaugh, M.D.
F. Eugene Clark, Ph.D.
Abbott C. Combes, III
John F. Curran, Jr., M.D.
James S. Eckels
A. William English
Leo M. Grace, Jr.
E. Grant Hesser
Richard D. Hill
Stacy H. Hill
William E. Hotaling(Deceased)
Peter M. Keir
John W. Kelley
Carl C. Krogh

Edward A. Larner, Jr.
A. William Larson
Walter L. Lipman
Edward N. McMillan, Jr.
Fredric H. Montfort
James G. Morgan
Richard R. Otter, Ph.D.
Maynard H. Riley, Jr.
Ira Skutch, Jr.
Edwin S. Small
Charles E. Smith
Donald H. Stillman
Edward H. Stone
Timothy Takaro, M.D.
Edmund A. Tanzi
B. Lincoln Wales, Jr., M.D.
Franklin B. Watters, M.D.
Stephen W. Winship

50-59 Years of Giving

Lance C. Ballou, Jr.
Waring C. Carrington, Jr.
Richard D. Cords
Warner A. Finney
Richard C. Jachens
Richard Krolik

Daniel B. Libby
Edward R. Patterson
Roy Rowan
Gene H. Stollerman, M.D.
Andrew J. Waring

40-49 Years of Giving

Norman J. Chesley
A. Holden Higbee

George B. McCallum

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Mrs. James L. Davis
Mrs. George K. Dreher
Virginia Evans
Marie Cashel Grant
Jane Hanks
Patricia Herman
Jacqueline Jacobsen

Priscilla K. Maynard
Mary-Frances Richardson
Roberta Gabbe Schneider
Doris Silberstein
Mrs. Clifton J. Stratton, Jr.
Dorothy Thompson

Anonymous (4)

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