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2006 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who gave in FY 2006.

Class of 1934
61.7% Participation
70-79 Years of Giving

Robert P. Balgley
William Barnet, II(Deceased)
Henry W. Bryan
Oscar Mandel Cohn(Deceased)
Emerson Day, M.D.
Leonard C. Harrison
William H. Judd, Jr.

George Magrath, Ph.D.
Henry Necarsulmer
Eugene J. Orsenigo, Jr.
William J. Reid
Stanley C. Smoyer
James H. Walter

60-69 Years of Giving

James M. Bayles
Samuel G. Carson
Robert C. Goodman(Deceased)
Richard F. Gruen(Deceased)

Carl B. Hess
James K. Keeley, M.D.
John D. Murphy
John S. Randall

50-59 Years of Giving

John O. Hoyt
George R. Klinefelter

Frank J. Lepreau, Jr., M.D.

30-39 Years of Giving

Solomon A. Jacobson

20-29 Years of Giving

Charles B. Arthur, Ph.D.

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Muriel A. Arnold
Elfrieda Ball
Anna Barber
Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth M. Carter
Mrs. Andrew Heiskell
Lucille Johnson
Mrs. Gordon C. Kibbe
Ann Kneisel

Priscilla Neill
Edith Nordblom
Mrs. Roy Rather
Louise Reardon
Louise Stern
Lillian Thomas
Jeannette Louise Weber
Margery Wolf

Anonymous (7)

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