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2005 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who gave in FY 2005.

Class of 1933
57.1% Participation
70-79 Years of Giving

Harvey S. Bloomberg
Maxwell Field
Vincent N. Merrill
Leland C. Sanborn

Mansfield D. Sprague
Martin Uebel
Charles S. Webster

60-69 Years of Giving

Edward M. Holmes, Ph.D.
Ralph S. Keyes, M.D.
Archibald Lade, Jr.
Peter P. Mankowski(Deceased)

The Honorable John S. Monagan
F. Fuller Ripley
Jackson H. Taft

50-59 Years of Giving

Lorrin A. Riggs, Ph.D.

De Forest B. Voorhees

40-49 Years of Giving

Henry F. Helmholz, Jr., M.D.

Stanton H. Whitman

20-29 Years of Giving

Walter E. Bezanson, Ph.D.

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Mrs. William B. Gillies, Jr.(Deceased)
Katherine Goldthwait
Ada M. Hall
Mrs. Parker T. Hart
Mrs. Day Krolik, Jr.
Elisabeth Lapham
Mary Jo McDonald

Mrs. John F. Meck
Mrs. Harry V. Osborne, Jr.
Mrs. George M. Rideout
Mary Scheibe
Mrs. George F. Theriault
Margaret Wolff
Nancy Woods

Anonymous (2)

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