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2005 Honor Roll

Thanks to those below who gave in FY 2005.

Class of 1931
52% Participation
70-79 Years of Giving

John M. Boermeester
Edward C. Brummer
Vance Dickerman
James T. Frame, Jr.
Edmund M. Hanauer

Philip L. Holden
James Lyall
Robert S. Oelman
Allard A. Sutton

60-69 Years of Giving

Arthur D. Ecker, M.D., Ph.D.

Allan A. Rikkola(Deceased)

50-59 Years of Giving

John M. Clarke

40-49 Years of Giving

Samuel A. Groves

Gifts from Surviving Spouses and Partners

Elizabeth L. Armington
Phyllis M. Charlton
Esther Jonas
Mrs. Monroe Karasik
Mrs. Nickerson Rogers

Gertrude A. Ross
Mrs. Arthur William Seepe
Mrs. Wendell J. Whitcher
Mrs. Eugene B. Willson


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