Why Give

Gifts to Dartmouth through the Dartmouth College Fund come from alumni, families, and friends. These annual, unrestricted gifts support every part of the Dartmouth experience, including financial aid to ensure that the best students can always afford to choose Dartmouth, and competitive salaries to attract a world-class faculty. Gifts also support athletics, libraries, classrooms, labs, arts opportunities, and a beautiful campus that generations have called home.

Every gift matters:

Every gift helps the College raise money.

Dartmouth relies on funding from corporations and foundations, which base their awards in part on alumni participation as well as on total dollars raised. Every alumni gift—including yours—has a multiplier effect.

Every gift enables the College to save money.

Bond rating agencies factor in alumni participation when assigning a bond rating to Dartmouth. A favorable bond rating may reduce the interest Dartmouth pays when it borrows money. Every alumni gift—including yours—means less money paid out.

Every gift supports the College's national ranking.

Publications such as U.S. News & World Report consider Dartmouth's historically high rates of participation when affirming its rank. Every alumni gift—including yours—sustains Dartmouth's reputation for excellence.

Participation is the common thread.

When you make your annual gift, you show that Dartmouth matters to you and you make Dartmouth matter to others.