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Support a Scholar

The Dartmouth College Fund Scholar Program

When you donate $30,000 or more to the Dartmouth College Fund Scholar Program, a member of the junior or senior class will receive a scholarship for one year in your name. Your philanthropy has an immediate, lifelong impact on a Dartmouth student.

Meeting Your Scholar

The Scholar Program is as much about fostering relationships among alumni and students as it is a program serving the College's crucial financial aid needs. At Homecoming,the president hosts a luncheon where donors and student-recipients can meet. Your Scholar will be encouraged to correspond with you over the course of the year.

Ways to Give

Donations to the Scholar Program receive full Dartmouth College Fund credit toward class and reunion gifts. Corporate matching gifts may be included to reach the $30,000 total. Dartmouth couples may make a joint gift to support one Scholar.

"Helping a Dartmouth Scholar realize the dream of a top-flight education makes you feel good. Meeting with your Scholar and hearing about his or her plans and hopes for the future is a joy. ”

Learn More

Please call 603-646-3621 or e-mail Dartmouth.College.Fund@dartmouth.edu.