The 1769 Society

“Dartmouth is important in my life—and my charitable giving. No qualified young person should be denied a Dartmouth education because of economic disadvantage.” —Ron Lazar ’53
“My work ethic, outlook on life, and career were all shaped by Dartmouth. I give so others can have the opportunity to take part in the Dartmouth experience.” —Reyad Allie ’11
“We support the Fund because Dartmouth, more than any other undergraduate institution, prepares and expects its graduates to go ’round the girdled earth and make positive changes.”
—Kate and Ed Bialas ’01
“Being a member of the 1769 Society makes me feel like a part of the Dartmouth family and gives me opportunities to connect with other sons and daughters of Dartmouth.”
—Larissa Roesch ’88

The 1769 Society is a group of some of Dartmouth's most loyal and generous alumni and friends—leaders in their communities and professions. Like you, they understand that an annual investment in Dartmouth students is an investment in transforming lives. Members represent only 9 percent of Dartmouth College Fund donors, but account for 88 percent of the dollars raised each year.

Please join them by making a 1769 Society gift here or by calling 603-646-3621.

NOTE: Dartmouth couples may combine their gifts to achieve a 1769 Society level.

If your employer supports matching gifts, not only can you multiply the impact of your gift with your employer’s match, you can use the match to help you reach a 1769 Society level. Check here to see if your employer supports matching gifts.

1769 Benefits

All 1769 Society members receive a range of benefits. Members making larger gifts receive additional distinctions.
  • Invitation to regional presidential events
  • Invitation to exclusive receptions at reunion and Homecoming
  • Listing in the annual honor roll in From the Green at Dartmouth
  • Listing in the annual honor roll in Occom: A Chronicle of Dartmouth Philanthropy
  • Invitation to the annual Scholar Luncheon during Homecoming Weekend
  • With a gift of $30,000, you can support a named scholar for one year
  • Your own personalized Day at Dartmouth
  • Your name on an Honor Roll plaque in the entry way of Parkhurst Hall for one year
$1 million
  • Your name on a Parkhurst Hall plaque for life

Day at Dartmouth

With a $50,000 commitment, you can tailor your own Dartmouth experience.
  • Meet senior administrators
  • Audit classes
  • Lunch with a Dartmouth professor
  • Chalk-talk with coaches
  • Tour facilities
  • Encounter students


Join the 1769 Society

Members join annually at these levels:

John Ledyard Fellows   $2,500

Fellows of the Baker Bells   $5,000

Fellows of the Lone Pine  $10,000

Fellows of Mount Moosilauke $25,000

Fellows of the Green   $50,000

Samson Occom Fellows   $100,000

Daniel Webster Fellows   $250,000

Eleazar Wheelock Fellows   $500,000

Lord Dartmouth Fellows   $1 million or more

Young Alumni Levels
2014 $100
2011, 2012, 2013 $250
2008, 2009, 2010 $500
2006, 2007 $1,000

Couples may combine gifts to join.

Matching company gifts may also be used.