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Kawakahi Amina '09

Kawakahi Amina '09Student photographer Kawakahi Amina '09 shot all the images for this year's Dartmouth Calendar. As each photo attests, he approaches his art with a sense of wonder and discovery. "Every time I pick up my camera I have the opportunity to see something new or see something familiar in a fresh perspective," he says. "I love taking photographs, and I love being at Dartmouth." To those who contribute annually to the Dartmouth College Fund, he says, "Thank you. You make opportunities—for me, for every student—come to life."

Name: Kawakahi Kaeo Amina

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai'i

Major: Biology

Dartmouth Highlight: Snowboarding for the first time at the Dartmouth Skiway and finding out the hard way that it's very different from surfing. Water makes for a much softer landing than snow. That said, I'm now a snowboard addict.

Favorite Professor and Why: That's tough a question considering the caliber of faculty here. It's a close tie between Michael Chaney (English) and Mara Rendi (Biology-DMS). Both are professors from whom you want to learn. They're engaging, brilliant, and (most of all) caring. They embody the type of high-quality education you come to expect and respect from Dartmouth.

Extracurricular Activities: Dartmouth Men's Club Tennis, Aikibudoin (Aikido/Judo), The Dartmouth, Aegis, DHMC Children's Hospital volunteer, freelance photographer (for VOX of Dartmouth, Dartmouth Life, Hopkins Center, Rockefeller Center, Dartmouth College Fund).

Post-graduate Plans: After graduating I plan to go to medical school. To me, learning about others' experiences and stories when they are healthy are just as important as finding out what ailments someone has when he or she is sick. I also enjoy working with people because every person I meet helps me grow a little.

Why I'll Support the Dartmouth College Fund After I Graduate: I pledge my support to the Dartmouth College Fund because Dartmouth and its alumni, parents, and friends have given me the chance to experience an education like no other on the face of this planet. Five thousand miles from home, I've found that Dartmouth is a special environment for personal growth. Through the DCF, I hope I can help at least one other student on the other side of the globe find his or her way to Hanover, New Hampshire, to the exceptional place known as Dartmouth College.

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