Celebrate our 100th Anniversary

In fiscal 2014, the Alumni Fund, called the Dartmouth College Fund today, celebrated its centennial. Watch the movie.

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It Began Here

Fire broke out in Dartmouth Hall on the morning of February 18, 1904, burning the building to the ground in only two hours. Melvin O. Adams, Class of 1871, began rallying alumni throughout Boston within hours of hearing the news. "This is not an invitation," he said. "It is a summons." Within three months, alumni had raised enough money to set a cornerstone for a new Dartmouth Hall.

A Fund is Born

1913 marked the inaugural meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. One of its first orders of business was a vote to create an annual fund, based on the rationale that while "few can give for capital endowment, all can give income expenditure." In 1914 the Council's recommendation to call it the Dartmouth College Alumni Fund was approved. In 1916 President Ernest Martin Hopkins called Dartmouth alumni "the College's living endowment."

A Mortgage in Flames

By 1925, the Alumni Fund had gained enough momentum to pay off the mortgage on Alumni Gym. That same year, Dartmouth's football team went 8-0 and was crowned national champion. To celebrate both accomplishments, the Dartmouth community gathered to burn the mortgage papers and a football dummy at the final practice of the season.

Dartmouth Families Step Up

In 1940, a group of parents organized the Special Committee of Fathers to keep up Alumni Fund contributions of sons serving in the military. By 1942, 5,500 alumni had enlisted, and their parents raised $17,000 for the Alumni Fund. In peacetime, the Committee evolved into today's Parents and Grandparents Fund, which annually raises more than $3 million from Dartmouth families.

A Centenarian's Commitment

Known for his dapper bow ties and the "four-ounce jingles" he composed for his alumni magazine class notes, Harold "Rip" Ripley '29 also stood out for his consistent loyalty: he gave to the Annual fund for 83 years, from 1929 until his death in 2011, age 104. Now the Dartmouth College Fund recognizes more than 5,000 alumni who have contributed every year since graduation as members of the Harold C. Ripley '29 Society.
It begins with you.
Make your Dartmouth College Fund gift now.