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The Richard and Jane Pearl Professor in Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies Program


I am an environmental and forest ecosystem scientist.

My research and teaching have focused on:

  • Carbon cycling in forests
  • Trace metal and major element cycling in forests
  • Personal choices and their impact on energy and the environment
  • Air pollution effects on high-elevation forests in the Northeast USA
  • Introductory Environmental Science
  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES)

Recently Published

Richardson, J.B., A.J. Friedland, J.M. Kaste, and B.P. Jackson.  2014.  Forest floor lead changes from 1980-2011 and accumulation in the mineral soil across the northeastern United States. Journal of Environmental Quality 43:926-935.
Vario, C.L., Neurath, R. and A.J. Friedland.  2014.  Response of mineral soil carbon to clear-cutting in a northern hardwood forest. Soil Science Society of America Journal 78:309-318.

thumb_friedland_book-2012Essentials of
Environmental Science

(college text, 384 pages)