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Arts and Humanities Resource Center
HB 6192
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755


The AHRC is here to provide:
  • multi-lingual computing and media support for foreign languages taught at Dartmouth and at Language Study Abroad Program (LSA) and Foreign Studies Program (FSP) locations;
  • conversion, preparation and access to media files hosted at the Digital Media Lab, a secure repository of course audio and video files available to students via a network connection;
  • assistance and advice on using technology tools to develop presentations, web sites, and other media-rich professional materials;
  • pre-purchase consulting, setup, and on-going support for desktop, laptop, and mobile computing;
  • workstations for students and faculty, each in their own area, along with access to the latest in hardware and software tools; 
  • consultation with faculty regarding existing technologies and their implementation to solve pedagogical challenges;
  • workshops and tutorials to introduce new tools and to expand skills with hardware and software you may already use;
  • a comfortable, inviting location for students and faculty to work.

We recognize that using technology in academia can often be time consuming and frustrating, but that when done well, technology can enhance learning significantly. We strive to reduce the frustrations so that you can succeed at what you do best.

Digitizing Services

The AHRC offers a wide variety of digitizing services and equipment. At our video station, faculty, students and staff have the capabilities to import, edit and or convert video from many different formats and regions. Our audio station is designed for importing and creating audio files for MP3 players, audio streaming and archiving. It includes support for cassette tape, reel-to-reel tape, and even vinyl LP records! This station is great for archiving old performances or interviews for research. We will offering audio and video transcription tools as well.

To free up valuable class time, the AHRC offers both video and audio streaming of content. Through Pushkin and Pushkin1, our two in-house streaming media servers, students enrolled in courses have 24-hour access to films and audio files right on their own computer. Users without high speed access (such as DSL or cable modem connections at home) should visit the AHRC or use Dartmouth's public computers such as those in the Baker-Berry Library.

For more information on the types of digitizing services the AHRC can offer you, please contact Jason Nash or email

Last Updated: 1/28/10