The Lab server of the Arts and Humanities Resource Center (AHRC) unexpectedly died on November 14, 2010. This page collects link information for sites hosted on lab and other sites previously hosted on AHRC servers. Please see the list below and update your bookmarks accordingly.

ELLINIKASIMERA  -  Supplement to the Greek Today textbook.
JAPANESE - Archive homepage of the Dartmouth College Japanese Program.
CHINESE - Variety of resources for study of Chinese language and culture.
KARTOFFEL - Tilda Kartoffel Drills page, corresponding to Deutsch Heute textbook.
DL-RECORDER - Downloads of the DL-Recorder software for Windows and Mac.

The following sites were created to support course work.

FROM ART TO ARTIFACT: MAKING SENSE OF ROMAN COINS - Companion site for the Hood Museum Spring 2009 Exhibit, created by students in the Classics 80: Roman Numismatics course.
CAESAR EXHIBIT - Experimental site for Senior Seminar in the Classics department on Caesar's Roman Empire.

The following sites collect the information and experiences of participants in various foreign studies programs (FSP) and language study abroad (LSA) programs.

Beijing Summer 08 - Beijing 2008 Summer FSP.
Beijing Fall 08 - Beijing 2008 Fall FSP.
Beijing Summer 09 - Beijing 2009 Summer FSP.
Beijing Fall 09 - Beijing 2009 Fall FSP.
Beijing Summer 10 - Beijing 2010 Summer FSP.
Beijing Fall 10 - Beijing 2010 Fall FSP.
French LSA and FSP - Information about French Study Abroad Programs in Lyon, Toulouse, and Paris (circa 2005).
Japan LSA 07 - LSA+ Program in Japan 2007.
Rome 2007 - Fall 2007 Department of Classics Foreign Study Program in Rome.
Berlin 2004 Winter - German LSA and FSP Program in Berlin in 2004.
Salvador 04 - Travel diary of the Fall 2004 Portuguese LSA+ program in Salvador, Brazil.

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