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Arts and Humanities Resource Center
HB 6192
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

The AHRC Lab

The Arts and Humanities Resource Center provides an inviting and quiet location to work on special projects with staff available for consultation. The public space is divided into two, providing workspace areas for both faculty and students. Each area contains computer workstations as well as tables for collaboration and consultation. In addition, each area is equipped to serve as a presentation or training space. The "student" side has a multimedia projector with space to accommodate 10-12 people, while on the "faculty" side, there is an informal lounge area with a large screen LCD and seating for five.

Dartmouth College ID cards can be used in the card reader at the main door to provide Arts and Humanities faculty with round-the-clock access. For students, the ARHC is available during business hours. 


Open Lab Hours for Student Access 
Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday Closed   

Computer Stations

Computing equipment in the AHRC consists exclusively of Macintosh computers, though many are configured to run both Mac OSX and Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. All workstations offer the entire suite of Dartmouth software. Additional equipment includes scanners (both flat-bed and slide), transcription tools, and digitizing peripherals for sound and video. Naturally, the computers in the AHRC are configured for foreign language support.

Foreign Language Resources and Support

The AHRC continues to support the foreign language programs of the College with an array of resources both digital and non-digital. Integrated and supplemental materials for foreign language and related courses are available for use in the AHRC. Many of these materials are also available via the network.

Specialized software to support the departmental and/or individual pedagogical goals of the faculty are installed on student lab machines by request.

Network Facilities

The AHRC operates and maintains several servers providing network services for faculty, students, and the College. These services include file storage for faculty, multimedia project space for courses, web-sites such as the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive, and streaming content to support classroom instruction. The combined total storage capacity is nearly 12 terabytes.

Loaner Equipment

The AHRC maintains a loaner pool of digital cameras, camcorders, and remote microphones available for faculty and faculty-supervised student research and development projects. Laptop computers are also available to faculty members.

Last Updated: 3/8/12