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African and African-American Studies

Choate House, HB 6134

34 North Main Street

Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3397


About the Banner:

The “Life of Malcolm X” murals were painted by Florian Jenkins in 1972. The eight panels depict the life and assassination of the human rights activist. The murals were sponsored by the Afro-American Society and are located in Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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AAAS Major Requirements

The AAAS Major consists of 11 courses:

Two survey courses (must include either AAAS 10 or AAAS 11)

  • One African survey course: AAAS 11, 14, or 15
  • One African-American survey course: AAAS 10, 12, or 13

Eight elective courses, including at least two courses from each of the following distributive designations:

  • Two courses with SOC, TMV, or TAS
  • Two courses with ART or LIT
  • Two area courses (in addition to the survey courses) must be among the eight elective courses with one course focused on Africa and one course on African America (including the Caribbean).

One of the following culminating experience options:

  • AAAS 90-96: Senior Seminars
  • AAAS 97: Senior Independent Research
  • AAAS 98 & 99: Honors Thesis

Majors are encouraged to take at least one diaspora course, which may be used to satisfy either area requirement. Courses with the INT distributive designation may satisfy either of the disciplinary requirements. With approval of the Chair, one associated course may be counted toward the major. 

Prospective majors: please complete the AAAS Major Worksheet in consultation with the Chair, and hand it in to the Program Office.

Last Updated: 10/6/14