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African and African-American Studies

Choate House, HB 6134

34 North Main Street

Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3397


About the Banner:

The “Life of Malcolm X” murals were painted by Florian Jenkins in 1972. The eight panels depict the life and assassination of the human rights activist. The murals were sponsored by the Afro-American Society and are located in Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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Faculty in African & African-American Studies



Stephon Alexander - E. E. Just 1907 Professor of Natural Sciences

  • Research Interests:Theoretical Cosmology; Quantum Gravity, String Theory, Modified Theories of Gravity; Instrument Acoustic Modeling, Geometry and Math of Music. Learn about the E. E. Just Program.

Robert Baum - Associate Professor of AAAS and Religion

  • Research Interests: African religious and social history, African diasporic religions, religious responses to imperialism and to racism, and the religious construction of gender.

Michael Chaney - Associate Professor of English

  • Research Interests: Nineteenth-century American and African-American literature and culture.

    Professor Chaney's research and teaching about the enslaved potter David Drake is the subject of this Dartmouth Now article.

Ayo Abietou Coly - Associate Professor of AAAS and Comparative Literature

  • Research Interests: African literatures and cinema, postcolonial theory, colonial and postcolonial masculinities, human rights.

    Professor Coly reflects on the life and legacy of Chinua Achebe in this Dartmouth Now article.

Laura Edmondson - Associate Professor of Theater

  • Research Interests: East African theatre and performance; theatre activism; performance of violence and war.

J. Martin Favor - Associate Professor of English

  • Research Interests: African American literature; Harlem Renaissance; Black identity in literature.

Susanne E. Freidberg - Professor of Geography

  • Research Interests: Food & agriculture, African ecology.

Alysia E. Garrison - Assistant Professor of English

  • Research Interests: Transatlantic studies; the novel; critical theory; the philosophy of history; comparative colonialisms; Caribbean literature.

Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina - Professor of English and Chair of AAAS

  • Research Interests: The novel; Victorian and modern British literature; Black British literature; African American literature.

Reena Goldthree - Assistant Professor of AAAS

  • Research Interests: Nationalism and Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean; African Diaspora in Latin America; Africana Political Thought; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Migration Studies.

Rashauna Johnson - Assistant Professor of History

  • Research Interests: 19th century African Diaspora, African-American history, women and gender, US South.

 Deborah K. King- Associate Professor of Sociology

  • Research Interests: African-American women's political ideology and activism, sociology of law.

Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch - Associate Professor of History

  • Research Interests: West Africa, political and urban history, African Diaspora studies.

George R. Trumbull IV - Associate Professor of History

  • Research Interests: North Africa, Islam in Africa, Islamic Africa in global perspective, environmental history.

Sam A. M. Vásquez - Associate Professor of English

  • Research Interests: African American, Caribbean and other Black diasporic literatures.

Keith L. Walker - Professor of French

  • Research Interests: 19th and 20th century French literature; the intersection of French and Francophone literary cultures; Aimé Césaire; colonial and postcolonial studies; Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Derrick White - Visiting Associate Professor of History

  • Research Interests: modern Black history with an emphasis on intellectual, political, and sports history.

Visiting Faculty

Maria Aparecida Andrade Salgueiro (winter term)

Photo of Maria Aparecida Andrade Salgueiro

  • Professor of North American Literature and Culture at the Department of Anglo-Germanic Letters, Institute of Letters, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Ph.D. Fluminense Federal University (2000)
  • Research Interests: literature of contemporary Afro-American and Afro-Brazilian women writers, as well as the question of translation and cultural mediation in a globalized world


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