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African and African-American Studies

Choate House, HB 6134

34 North Main Street

Hanover, NH 03755

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The “Life of Malcolm X” murals were painted by Florian Jenkins in 1972. The eight panels depict the life and assassination of the human rights activist. The murals were sponsored by the Afro-American Society and are located in Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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Alumni/ae Stories from AAAS Majors

We encourage AAAS alumni/ae to contact us with news. (e-mail)

Amber Kelsie '07: "Since graduation in 2007, I've been working at a non-profit in New York City as the administrator of the New York Urban Debate League, a high school and middle school debate league that tries to bring speech activities to under-resourced schools. I also have been the head debate coach/teacher at the New School University. This fall I'll be leaving New York to attend graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh for my PhD in communications." (6/09)

Heather Blanco (nee Harrington) '03: "After I graduated from Dartmouth in 2003, I moved to New York City as a Teach for America corps member. I taught English as a Second Language to sixth graders at I.S. 218 in Washington Heights for two years and earned a Master's Degree in Education from Fordham University during my nights and summers. I left for New York for the University of Chicago Law School in 2005, and graduated from there this past June. I am now back in NYC, and I am going to begin work for Latham & Watkins, a large international law firm, this September. Although I will be doing work for corporate clients, Latham also allows its associates to do pro bono work, so I look forward to providing big firm legal resources to people who otherwise may have been shortchanged by the legal system." (7/08)

Mike Evans '00:  "After graduating in 2000, I went to the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific through the Dartmouth Education program and taught English, math, and science to elementary schoolers there for a year. I returned to the Boston area and ran two parts of a youth development farming program called The Food Project, which brings teenagers from different backgrounds together to grow food for their community. In 2004, I moved to Austin, Texas and worked for Breakthrough (called Summerbridge elsewhere in the country), an academic after-school program of sorts that works with middle schoolers and high schoolers who will be first in their family to graduate from college. In 2006, I worked for one summer to start El Ranchito, a nature immersion summer camp for under-served kids. Then I helped to start and directed Austin Bat Cave, a writing and tutoring center that teaches creative and expository writing to kids from diverse backgrounds. Then in 2007/2008, I co-founded and co-directed Urban Roots, a youth development farming program in Austin (largely modeled after The Food Project), which annually donates 40% of the 25,000 lbs of food grown to hunger relief." (9/10)

Shirin Sioshansi '00:  "I graduated from Dartmouth in 2000 and then spent two years working as a college advisor in Boston Public Schools helping high school seniors navigate the college application process. Then I went to medical school (Dartmouth-Brown joint program) and graduated in 2006. I am currently doing my residency in Radiation Oncology at Tufts/Brown." (7/08)

Juan Bell '99:  "After graduating I spent a few months trying to break into the world of sports and entertainment. I worked for the NBA's Houston Rockets from October '99 through June '06 in the corporate development department (group responsible for sponsorship sales and client services for corporate relationships). After taking the summer off, I started business school at the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business and just graduated in June of '08. I'm currently doing marketing and am now in my third week as an Associate Brand Manager with Kraft Foods." (8/08)

Arika Easley '98: "I received a master's degree in African American studies from Columbia University in 2001, and I'm currently pursuing my PhD in history at Rutgers-New Brunswick, focusing on African American history, as well as Native American and US (colonial and nineteenth-century)." (7/08)

Taheerah El-Amin '98: "The beauty of Dartmouth and a liberal arts education is that you can truly pursue whatever you desire, regardless of your major.  After college, I worked for a year, then attended the University of Illinois College of Law, graduating in 2002.  I initially worked for a law firm in Columbus, OH and Washington, DC, but now I am an attorney with the Department of Justice in its Civil Division." (7/08)

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